Metal fabricators often have a tough choice to make when it comes to choosing between painting and powder coating for completing their metal fabrication jobs. But powder coating is generally considered to be superior to painting. Here are some reasons to explain why.

Power coated finishes are more durable.

If metal surfaces are left unprotected, they can be easily attacked by rust. Rust is the biggest threat to the longevity of metal, and it is important for metal fabricators to apply a durable, rustproofing finish onto its surface.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that involves electrostatically applying dry powder onto the surface of metal products requiring protective or aesthetic coating. The powder is cured by baking it under intense heat, resulting in a dense, hard finish that can outlast most liquid-applied paint coatings. 

Powder coated finishes are more economical.

As powder coating lasts longer than wet paint coating, it may prove to be a more cost efficient option for final consumers of metal products. Why? Because powder-coated metal products do not need to be occasionally refinished like painted metal parts. Smart buyers know that powder coated metal products cost more to buy but last longer and cost less to maintain. In other words, metal products with powder coated finishes offer better value dollar for dollar.

Powder coated finishes are easier to apply.

To form a durable paint finish on metal products, metal fabricators usually need to apply multiple coats of wet paint on the metal substrates. Powder coating, on the other hand, is typically a single coat finish, which makes the process relatively fast and easy, as there is no need to wait for each coat to dry properly before the next coat can be applied.

Powder coated finishes are more environmentally friendly.

One of the major downsides of wet paint is that it may contain dangerous VOCs that can be released into the air during the application process. While the dry powder used for powder coating may also contain these harmful chemicals, the electrostatic application process allows for environmentally safe finishing, as VOCs are produced.

As you can see, powder coating offers so many essential advantages over paint coatings. If the above-discussed benefits appeal to you, then you should opt for powder coated metal products instead of painted ones. In case you have specific concerns regarding powder coated metal products, feel free to talk to your preferred metal fabricator.