The products produced by metal fabrication companies like Absolute Metal Fabrications are used to build everything from stairwells and cars, to trailers, fences, and roofs. Read on to learn more about metal fabrication.

What type of products do metal fabrication manufacturers make?

Most metal fabrication businesses produce a wide variety of products for their customers. These may include stainless steel handrails and sheet metal that can be used for the body panels of vehicles and toy haulers.

Toy haulers are a particularly common product made by metal fabrication companies. Because these types of trailers are often used for off-road journeys, they need to be made from a strong material which will be able to withstand the elements (and thus protect the trailer's contents).

The metal alloys (such as stainless steel) that fabrication companies routinely use serve the perfect material with which to build a toy hauler, as alloys of this kind are resistant to moisture and temperature-induced damage.

Most metal fabrication companies are able to customise their products to meet each of their customer's specific requirements. They can, for example, alter a toy hauler's dimensions, add a roof or leave it with an open top, or add an arching mechanism (so that items can easily be loaded and unloaded onto and from the hauler).

What equipment do metal fabrication companies use to create their products?

Metal fabrication companies use a number of high-tech pieces of equipment to produce their products.

These include laser-controlled welding machines (which join together various metal components), metal lathe machines (these are used to alter the shape of a piece of metal work) and hydraulic presses (these use hydraulic cylinders to compress sheet metal to a specific level of thickness). Arbor presses may also be used to press smaller components (such as gears and bearings) into larger pieces.

Businesses of this kind also often use belt grinders; this is a type of equipment which enables manufacturers to smooth out the surface of a metal product to create a shinier finish.

Additionally, when making handrails which need to be bent at specific angles, metal fabrication companies sometimes use combination benders; these machines enable them to create 'U' or 'V' shaped bends in metal handrails.

Some of this equipment is operated by a computer with a configuration program that provides the machine with instructions on how to perform tasks. However, equipment such as lathes, belt grinders, and arbor presses are usually operated manually.