If you are looking to install new fixtures and fittings in a bathroom, you should be aware that not all bathroom fixtures and fittings are created the same. Bathroom fixtures and fittings come in a range of metal materials including brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, etc., so that home owners can choose something they want.

Before deciding what type of metal your bathroom fixtures and fittings should come in, it is vital that you think about the finish first. One of the metal finishes you should consider for your bathroom installation is powder coating. Powder-coated brass offers so many critical benefits that you will definitely love when incorporated into your bathroom fittings and fixtures. Here are a few you might want to know about.

Superior resistance to corrosion

Bathrooms are wet areas in the home, and it is important to ensure that the fixtures and fittings in the bathroom are protected against potential corrosion. Commonly known as a "marine finish," powder coating provides superior protection against corrosion compared to many alternative finishes like plating or polishing of metal. Therefore, you can be sure that your bathroom fixtures and fittings will remain rust-free for longer.

Extremely hard-wearing

When you are installing bathroom fixtures and fittings, have in mind that they will be used on a frequent basis. For that reason, it is important that you choose a finish type that will bear up well against the extremes of daily use. Aside from providing a corrosion-resistant finish, powder coating provides a hard finish that will not scratch easily due to normal use and abuse of bathroom fixtures and fittings. In addition to that, powder coating does not peel off easily because it adheres better on the substrate.

Aesthetic look

Bathrooms draw a lot of aesthetic interest in the home. If you are looking to add to the charm, character and beauty of your home, installing powder-coated fixtures and fittings in your bathroom will introduce you to a world of immense aesthetic possibilities. A powder coating finish provides a smooth, lustrous look that can add beauty and match the style of any bathroom. This coating provides the option to choose between a clear finish and a coloured one. A clear finish is desirable when you want to retain the natural look of the metal. A coloured finish, on the other hand, is ideal when you want to brighten up the bathroom by adding a pomp of colour in the room.

If you need help choosing the right powder-coated fixtures and fittings for your bathroom, feel free to talk to an expert today.