Hiring or renting a generator can be a good choice if you know that a storm is coming through your area or if you'll be putting added demands on your home's electrical systems for any reason. This might include a renovation or repair job that requires lots of power tools, or it may mean an outdoor party with extra lights, heating elements, and a cooking station. Whatever your needs for a generator, consider a few important details you don't want to overlook so you know you'll get the right type and size and you'll always have needed power.

Starting power

When determining the size or power available from a generator, you may consider the power needed to run an appliance or other electrical device. However, many electrical pieces need an added amount of power to start; that added power may start a lighting feature, which then needs less power to actually stay illuminated, as an example. Kitchen appliances may also need added power to start after a power outage. Be sure you check on any additional power needs for an electrical device to start, not just run, and opt for a generator with that necessary power.


A smaller generator will still need proper ventilation, since it will create some fumes and emissions, but it might be kept in a garage with an open window or in another such space. Larger generators will usually need even more ventilation and may be required to be kept outside, away from any entryway to the home that could have gaps or areas where those fumes may seep inside. You need to check on required ventilation for a generator, even for an outdoor event, as you don't want the generator to be too close to guests or to have those fumes get trapped under a canopy or marquee.

Check on plug-ins

A generator will have outlets for plugging in your electrical devices, or for plugging in a power strip of some sort. Be sure you check on how many plug-ins it offers, and if they will work with your devices; those plug-ins should be three-pronged for extra grounding, and there should be enough for all the devices you'll want powered. If you have devices with unique plugs, such as something you've purchased overseas or a foreign model of some appliance, be sure you have an adapter that will also fit the generator so you can use it for everything that needs powering.

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