Are you planning to order some custom stickers and labels for your company? Read on and discover some of the key attributes that you should consider as you are ordering stickers and labels.

Minimum Application Temperature

Each adhesive formulation is intended to be applied within a given temperature range. It is important for you to know the minimum application temperature of the adhesives on your stickers and labels so that you avoid trying to place those stickers and labels on surfaces when the ambient temperature isn't suitable. Request for the use of adhesives whose minimum application temperature gives you some freedom in terms of when you can use those labels and stickers.

UV Resistance

Do you intend to place the stickers and labels in an outdoor environment? Those labels and stickers will be exposed to UV radiation. Such labels or stickers can lose their adhesive strength in case the UV radiation reaches levels that the adhesive wasn't designed to withstand. Request for adhesives with the highest level of UV resistance in case you live in a hot area. Alternatively, have the stickers or labels treated with UV light protective coatings so that the adhesives will not be exposed to the light.

Solvent Resistance

Stickers and labels are usually exposed to varying amounts of solvents, such as cleaning products and water. Adhesives should be selected based on the solvents that those stickers and labels will be exposed to. This will prevent the labels and stickers from failing prematurely due to being exposed to solvents that they were not designed to resist.

Service Temperature Range

It is also prudent to know the ambient temperature range where you will install the stickers and labels. The adhesives that are placed on those stickers and labels should be able to remain effective within the temperature ranges that the service environment presents to those products.

Mandrel Hold

Have you ever seen the edges of a label lifting from the ends of a curved substrate on which it was placed? That phenomenon is called "flagging". Flagging occurs when the adhesives which were used on the sticker or label had a low degree of mandrel hold. Specify higher mandrel hold levels for the adhesives used on your stickers and labels if they will be applied on curved surfaces.

Discuss each aspect of your application with the manufacturer of the stickers and labels so that you can identify the adhesives that will perform excellently in those conditions.