Artisan items are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the jewelry industry. People want something unique and are willing to pay for quality. If you are a jewelry artisan, you may be looking for ways to create new designs and offer more metals than typical gold, copper and sterling silver. One of your options is stainless steel. Here are some benefits of using stainless steel for your jewelry business.

Longer Wear and Durability

One of the leading benefits to using stainless steel for your jewelry business is the durability. Simply changing the findings to stainless steel findings can increase the durability of the jewelry greatly. A full stainless steel piece will not bend as easily, break as easily, or have issues with the findings wearing down as easily. Overall, it can still give your jewelry the same luster of a sterling silver design, but with lasting durability.

Reduced Allergies

If you are concerned that your jewelry designs may have metals that cause allergies to some people, stainless steel may be ideal. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic which makes it easier for more people to use without the concern of a metal reaction, skin reaction, or related allergy. You do need to be careful and make sure your jewelry clients know that a small amount of nickel may be present in the jewelry. However, if you stick to an unplated stainless steel, you can reduce that issue.

Finding Supplies

When you stick to certain types of metals, like copper, you may find it difficult to find all of the findings and parts you need to complete the project. This is especially true if you are going for a complete one metal piece or look. With stainless steel, you will find that locating your supplies and parts is easier. This is due to stainless steel being a common metal and easy for companies to create jewelry pieces and findings. You can also find stainless steel used in broken and vintage jewelry. If you do find it in broken and vintage jewelry, you can break down those pieces and use the stainless steel while staying within tight budgets.

If these benefits appeal to you and your jewelry business consider finding a stainless steel manufacturer source. A stainless steel manufacturer source will help you in purchasing raw stainless steel, sheets, and other options that fit your design needs. Your stainless steel supplier may also offer various options for your stainless steel including strands that are easier to work with in necklace making.