Used motor oil is generated from so many different sources, including the machines used in manufacturing facilities and industrial processing plants. 

Fortunately, industrial motor oil that is not too contaminated can be collected and recycled for reuse. If you generate used motor oil at your industrial facility, it is important that you understand the advantages associated with recycling the oil. This way, you will have the impetus to take your used oil to a facility that accepts it for recycling.

Below are some incontestable benefits associated with waste oil recycling.

Prolongs the Usefulness of Used Oil

One of the biggest advantages of used oil recycling is that it gives used oil a new lease of life. The impurities that accumulate in motor oil over time are removed so that the final product is just as good as virgin oil. Remember, the oil itself doesn't wear out — it is the accumulated dirt and debris that causes it to lose its lubricating power over time. This quality makes motor oil a valuable resource that shouldn't be disposed of without considering recycling it. 

The reprocessed oil can then be used again and again through repeated re-refining. This helps to extend the usefulness of oil that could have ended up at the landfill.

Diverts Potentially Harmful Substances From the Environment

If used oil isn't disposed of the right way, it could find its way into air, soil and water bodies, leading to environmental degradation.

Recycling of the oil helps to remove potential contaminants, such as hydrocarbons, which could otherwise be released into the natural environment, putting human and other forms of life at risk.

Helps to Reduce the Demand for Fresh Motor Oil

The manufacturing of fresh motor oil requires substantial energy resources, which are becoming fast-depleted each year.

When contaminated motor oil is re-refined for re-use, it helps to alleviate the need to manufacture motor oil from scratch. This, in turn, helps to reduce the demand for energy as well as carbon emissions into the environment. This is a big boost for the global push to reduce the effects of global warming.

Used motor oil recycling delivers many environmental and economic benefits that can't be overlooked. Greening up your act will help you to avoid run-ins with the law enforcement agencies but also put you in good light with the general public, including your customers. This will go a long way in helping you grow your business.