A leaning flagpole is unsightly, and it also has the potential to be dangerous. It's not going to be a structural curiosity in the same manner as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but it is in the early stages of a process that, without intervention, will lead to the flagpole toppling over. Clearly, this can be a major problem, quite easily causing injuries and property damage. So whether the flagpole in question is on a residential or commercial property, how can you reset the flagpole to its original position and prevent it from leaning again?

Safety First

First and foremost, you need to block off the area around the flagpole. Ideally, this cordon should cover any ground that the flagpole might fall onto, so the perimeter of the cordon should be reflected in the height of the flagpole.

Shorter Flagpoles

Next, the stability of the flagpole's anchor must be checked and reinforced. For shorter flagpoles, you might wish to perform the work yourself. This involves excavating the ground around the flagpole before adding wooden stakes which are then roped to the flagpole to hold it in position. Then add concrete to the holes you have made. You will need assistance, and for safety's sake, this should only be attempted with shorter flagpoles. Taller flagpoles can cause a great deal of damage if they were to topple, and so professional flagpole repair is recommended.

Taller Flagpoles

Professional repairs will focus on the anchor, assuming that the flagpole itself is still structurally sound. The flagpole will be removed from its anchor. If it was set in sand, this sand will be removed to clear the site, allowing for a new anchor. If the base of the flagpole was set into place using concrete, the flagpole will often need to be cut away from its base. Removal of the flagpole permits the anchor to be properly reinstalled. It might be that the original anchor width was insufficient to host the flagpole, and so it might need to be expanded in order to prevent the issue from occurring again. Once the anchor has been reinstalled, a new foundation sleeve will be connected, and the flagpole will be put back into its original, correct alignment. This should be the end of the matter.

Action should be taken as soon as you notice that your flagpole has begun to lean. The problem will not correct itself, and the flagpole remains potentially dangerous until its anchor has been repaired.